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Productivity & High Performance Programme

This programme is designed to help Small and Medium-sized Enterprises to train and develop a highly productive workforce. It is designed to produce a workforce that executes its job roles with speed and achieve and do more faster and quicker. It is designed to help the workforce perform at high speed.


The training covers the following areas:


  • Leadership

  • Team Dynamics

  • Emotional Intelligence 

  • Time Management



At the end of the training, your workforce will be able to execute tasks faster and quicker and do more. The cooperation level of your workforce will improve dramatically. The synergy and energy levels will improve tremendously. This will boost performance and improve productivity.


Delivery methodology

To be agreed by the parties. This will include venue of training, the number of employees to train and hour and time of training and duration of training.


Coaching fee

To be agreed by the parties.


Contact us for initial discussions.

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