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I had an idea how to improve Electricity supply in my country. I sketched the idea on a drawing paper. That was as far as it could go. I tucked the drawing away somewhere, Then I met David and shared my vision with him. He took me on and I enrolled to his coaching programme. In the course of this programme, it’s like a reservoir  of knowledge burst open in me. I started getting multiple ideas almost in every area of human endeavour, how to solve problems. Ideas upon ideas started coming to me. Before we concluded the coaching, I had over 44 ideas of things to invent. 

Right now I have over 44 ideas I am working on. It is really wonderful. I am excited. I just finished working on three products to be tested in the market. One is a special soap, The other two are a special syrup and a drink beaverage. I keep my recipe secret. Until I met David, I did not know that I had all these stuff stored up in me. David is naturally gifted in his work. He knows how to bring out the best in peoples lives. I am a beneficiary. I hope you buy my products when they are finally launched into the market.


Rohan - Inventor

For years, I was stuck in a job I hated. But I did not know how to break free from this bondage. I wanted to resign to pursue what I loved but I simply could not do it. I was bound in this mental space of indecision and fear. Everything changed when my sister introduced me to David. I enrolled to his wonderful but rigorous coaching programme. I confronted my fears for the first time. I understood clearer what was holding me back from pursuing my dreams. I got clearer with what I really wanted out of life.


David helped me create a vision, developed a working plan. He helped me recapture my essence and self worth. I started believing in myself. I developed confidence and began to see life and things from a winning angle. I mean my perspective dramatically changed. Guess what! I resigned my job, went back to school, got my A levels, enrolled to a university and graduated with 1st class honours. I am now gainfully employed, doing what I love and paid well. What is my take? Nothing is impossible. Anyone can succeed. There is already a success blueprint in you. All it needs is to bring it out. Sometimes like myself, all you just need is a good Coach like David. This guy is awesome. He knows his stuff.


Natasha - Arts Teacher

I was so frustrated and very unhappy in my job. I was a Marketing Executive with a Phone card company. My job role was to distribute bundles of phone cards to retail agents scattered across London. I would walk from shop to shop daily doing just that. But the funny side of things is that I hold an MBA, a Masters in Business Administration. Each time I mentioned to my boss a pay raise he always reacted unfriendly. In fact, on one occasion he told me to resign if I don!t like it. This continued with no change. One day, I went to a local library and there I met David.

I eventually enrolled to his coaching programme. In the very first session David looked me straight in the eyes and asked me a question that vibrated in my entire being:


Albert why did you take up this kind of job that doesn’t require a qualification? I shrugged but I have been caught. I could no longer hide it anymore. I had to be honest. After all is one on one. It’s just the two of us. I told David that I took this job because I did not think that the white man would employ me. And this was an honest answer. David was surprised. But he asked me a question that turned everything around. He said, why then did you study the MBA?


By the time we got to the 7th session, he took me to a job site and asked me to choose a job. The minimum salary in those jobs of the skills I have was £100 000 per annum. In the meantime my current job paid only £25 000 per annum. What a challenge! I chose a job role anyway. It was evening. I went home preparing to send my CV. Then something dramatic happened. The next day I went  to work. My managers called me to a meeting. I thought I |was going to be sacked. But to my,greatest surprise, they told me that yesterday they had an emergency meeting and decided to send me to the Florida Office and appointed me an Area manager with a salary 5 times more than what I currently earned. In fact, they told me that they have found an accommodation for me that I and my entire family can go. I could not believe what I was hearing. But it was real.


David helped me to identify my internal blocks. He helped me to identify what was holding me back. I am extremely grateful to you David. You are the best in what you do. Keep it up.


Albert - Marketing Director

I went on a Maternity leave to have my baby. When I returned back to work I was not taken back on. I was made redundant. I could not find another job for 3 good years. My situation got very desperate. My mortgage got into arrears as I could no longer keep up with repayments. This was the beginning of my troubles.  Very soon I would start going to food banks to ask for help. The most embarassing part of it is that I am a Lawyer with a Masters degree in Law. My last job was paying very well. I was earning roughly $10 000 per month.  I did everything I knew how to do  but could not find a job. I developed other problems in the course of time. My home was in chaos. I was going to loose my home to my lenders becauseI was  very much behind repayments. I was confused and was emotionally wounded. My confidence dived. You can imagine. I also had my 3 little children to care for. My husband was also struggling. The whole family was in trouble. We desperately needed a change.


This was when I remembered David. I had earlier met David when we were based in UK. I saw him on Television. As at the time I was suffering from a lot of miscarriages. It was so bad that the doctors had to chase me away from their Surgery. They told me that I can never have a baby. David helped me. Today I have 3 lovely children. I had lost contact with him. So where do I find him. I went on search on line and found him. It was a very intensive coaching, I was taking it on phone. Guess what! It worked. First the terrible sensation I was having in my left breast disappeared. My confidence came back because I had lost it. My sleep returned because I wasn’t sleeping well at all. The next big thing. I got a job in an multinational oil conglomerate with a big salary. This was a miracle. 


David I want to say a big thank you for your commitment. I don’t have to sound the gong, you are the best. You just know how know transform lives.


Joy - Team Leader

Each morning I got up from bed the first thing that will confront me was my beautiful equipment. This equipment has been lying waste for ten good years doing nothing. This really makes me sad. I had bought them to start my restaurant business. I love to cook. Now I wanted to launch it into a business. But I simply couldn't do it. I did not know what was holding me back. I would try but always get stuck. This was my situation until one afternoon`I was watching Television and came across David talking about business. I listened to what he was saying.keenly. He was advertising a business school training. I phoned up and registered. At the business school I found out why I was stuck from the lessons he taught. Before I had no clarity. My vision was fuzzy. 


At the end of the training, I was able to articulate my vision clearly, developed strategy and set goals. I was able to implement my business plan. I was able to set up my restaurant and the business is doing very well. I am very happy to attend the business school because it gave me the information and tools that `I had badly needed to translate my idea into business. I would say with confidence, “Do not start a business if you are planning a start up without taking this course. It will save you a lot of troubles.”


When I met David my business was almost as good as collapsed, I remember I was attending a Performance  Meeting at the Royal Bank of Scotland in Liverpool Street. It dawned on me that I had nothing to say when I stand to give a speech. My business was so successful that I was noticed by FTSE 100 executives and they invited me to their Annual Performance meeting.  To make matter worse, I was owing $100 000 to an American lender and they were on my neck. I tried very hard  to renegotiate payment plan but to no success. This was when I met David in a public library. We had a chat. But it was not after a month that I sought his help.


I narrated my story to him. He diagnosed my business and came up with the treatment it badly needed. He showed me what I was doing wrong and how to correct it. I agreed because I could see that he was right. I went home that evening and shared with my wife my experience with the Business Coaching sessions I had with David and what he advised. My wife did not object. The following morning around 5am ~London time I was awakened by a phone call. There was silence on both ends for a few seconds. And a voice spoke. I knew immediately who it was as I am familiar with that voice. It was my lenders from America. The speaker said I want  to talk to you. I said I am here. He said yesterday we had an emergency meeting in our Offices and we decided to cancel your debts all of it of $100 000. I wasn’t”t sure what I was hearing. He said we did. We have written off the debts.


That is not all. By 7am I turned on my laptop and as a routine logged on on to my website. At first I wasn’t sure what I was seeing. A red flash. It was an alert that my customer funnel was full and was not taking any more customers. The only way I can describe it, it is a miracle, a 24 hour miracle. Just a night before that funnel was practically nil. It was zero. WAO. I couldn’t believe my eyes. My business that was practically dead was resurrected within 24 hours.


If I hadn’t met David in that library when I did I wonder what would have happened to me. Your guess is as good as mine. 


Michael - SAP Consultant

We consulted with David to revamp our Estate Agency. We needed to re-strategise  our growth plan. We needed to reach more Landlords and rent out properties faster. We needed to change they way we do business. We needed to improve our operational system and increase sales and our income. But we did not know how to achieve all these goals. 


David was coming into our Offices to run business coaching sessions with us. He helped us to develop strategies and set new goals and action plan that helped us to achieve our goals. In less than no time, we were able to implement his advice and followed through our plan and turned things around dramatically for our business. We were able to increase sales to 30% within 6 months. 


Raphael - Estate Agents

My business and life was stuck. I mean literally stuck. It wasn’t going nowhere. It was really affecting me emotionally. I was really frustrated and was in a dire strait.. I made efforts. I worked so had but there was no result whatsoever. Everything was just stagnant. In fact, it got to a point where I started thinking of ending it all. I mean it was that bad, you can imagine.


This was when I reached out to David for help. This guy is fantastic. He is awesome. He understood where I was coming from. He showed empathy.  Like a Father will take his child, by hand, he took me step by step all the way. He showed me what I was  doing wrong and helped me to correct it. He helped me to take charge of my emotional well being. He helped me to see clearer. We developed a comprehensive vision, set goals and developed strategy and a working plan. He taught me what I did not know about business and have not heard anywhere before. I will  all this the secret of business success. Today I can tell you I am a different woman. I am now in control of my emotional health. I revamped my business and started from the scratch and working my way up. It is getting better and better each day,. I enjoy what I do. The future is brighter than the stars. I am not regretting. But I wish I had met David much earlier than I did. But I am grateful to the Lord that I met him anyways because everything is working out well for my good.



I got to a point where I knew I had to do something to upgrade my business. I started shopping around for trainings that will help me achieve my aspirations. I attended quite a handful of business seminars but could not push to my desired level. I left it there but was frustrated. Then I met David and enrolled to his Business School. It was a 12 weeks training. We were holding lessons once every week. From the first lesson, I knew that I had found what I had been looking for. In every lesion, David was answering all my questions I had nowhere to find an answer. In fact in one of the lesions if recall on Self Image, I could just see myself in every sentence. It was like he was reading my thoughts. WAO! Finally I had found the missing link I have  den looking for. I have found the Master Key. All fear gone. 


Less than one month after completing the Business School training, my income increased by over 80%. My contract portfolio increased by over 100%. I changed my car. I bought a Jeep.  At the moment I am working on a lot of new projects with high paying clients and planning to recruit new staff into the Consultancy to help with increasing workload. Thanks to David for his very deep insight into the realm of business. This guy is good. I can tell you that what I learnt from David not only revolutionised my business but it also changed my entire life. Thank you David for sharing the knowledge you have and for giving it out generously. I am very grateful. Thank you.


Tendai - Social Service Consultant

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