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First Steps to Financial Freedom



This 3-day live seminar is designed to break negative money conditioning and programming  sabotaging your financial dreams. Your financial bracket is controlled by your money blue print and not necessarily your skills. You may be very good at what you do but if your financial blue print  is not conditioned for success, it will affect your take home income. Your financial. blueprint will automatically modify your size of income. This is one of the reasons people make huge effort and get little returns. Or amass a sudden fortune like winning the lottery and end up squandering it and returning to the status quote. Why? Because they have not developed the financial capacity to handle that size of money. Sometimes, you may find that you cannot cross certain income bracket in your business no matter how hard you try. It is because you financial blueprint has been conditioned to reject any increase.


Trying to create wealth without first addressing negative money blueprint and mindset is like trying to build a house without a foundation.


To build wealth, you must have a solid foundation. A foundation strong enough to carry any weight placed on it. A weak foundation collapses the structure. You cannot try to build wealth when your money blueprint is negative. You can never grow financially above your money blueprint.



What this seminar will address


  • Creating a positive financial mindset

  • Eliminating all money negative blueprint

  • Changing all money negative belief system

  • Changing all negative thought patterns

  • Breaking down all money negative conditioning and programming

  • Breaking gown all negative money strongholds

  • Revoking all money negative words

  • Resolving every mental conflict with money 

  • Unblocking all money channels

  • Confronting all money negative habits

  • Addressing the spirit of poverty



Who is it for?


  • This 3-day exponential seminar is for you if you want to upgrade your income, 

  • It is for you if you want to move to another level of financial fortune regardless of where you are now. 

  • It is for you if you want expand your mind for a new level of financial power and influence. 

  • It is for you, if you are stuck in your income growth and want to breakthrough to a new financial horizon. 

  • It is for you if you are struggling financially. 

  • It is for you if you are held captive by compulsive spending. 

  • It is for you if you don’t know where your money goes to. 

  • It is for you if you are constantly broke and have financial problems.

  • It is for you if you have bad money habits





At the end of this 3-day event, you will be able to:


To identify the invisible forces controlling your financial life

Gain tools and knowledge on how to deal with them successfully

Be able to eliminate all negative habits towards money

Recondition and reprogramme your mind for financial exploit and increase

Earn more from doing the same work

Generate more profits for your business

Develop financial intelligence 

Take control of your financial destiny



How the event will be delivered


This is a 3-day live seminar and will be delivered in the traditional seminar style. However, there will be questions answer time. Also you can bring writing materials to take notes. The event starts at 9am and finishes at 5pm each day


Outline of Event

Day 1

This is the day of excavation and confrontation and extinction. We will confront the real beliefs you hold about money consciously or unconsciously. We will confront your financial blueprint. We will confront your money mental strongholds. We will remove the thorns and thistles embedded in your subconscious mind choking your financial life. This is important because your money blueprint controls your financial success.



In this day , we begin to take charge of our financial future and destiny. We do this by setting financial goals. 


Day 3

Day 3 is about renewing the mind for financial increase. It is about creating a brand new financial blueprint and mindset. We will recondition and reprogramme the mind for financial success through powerful visualisation techniques and strongly worded affirmations to create the financial future we want. 



Event date: 24 - 26 August 2023

Duration: 3 days
9am - 5pom daily 



Event fee: £300







Radisson Blu Hotel

68-86 Cromwell Road
South Kensington




The School reserves the right to change venue without notice.

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