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Exam Success


Graduating from your course is something you cannot negotiate. You want to pass your exams. You want to be awarded that degree or qualification. You want to qualify for your profession and start putting your knowledge to work and start earning money. Right now you may be struggling with your exams. It can be a degree exam or professional qualification exams. You are probably sitting your final attempt and you know what it is at stake. This course is designed to help you pass your exams. It is designed to help you graduate or qualify in your chosen profession and launch your career.



What you will learn


Among other things you will learn 


  • Self image

  • Belief system

  • Thought pattern

  • Self identity

  • Self confidence

  • Self esteem

  • Self worth

  • Self concept

  • Time management

  • Personal leadership

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Memory retention





  • Develop memory retention capacity

  • Develop self confidence

  • Improve self esteem

  • Jettison negative beliefs

  • Develop a positive self image

  • Develop good time management skills

  • Develop Emotional intelligence

  • Improve self esteem

  • Develop capacity to handle pressure

  • Develop organisational skills

  • Develop a positive mind set

  • Develop the power of focus and concentration

  • Develop strategy and skills to pass your exams


How the programme will be delivered


This 3- day intensive training and will be delivered in the traditional seminar style. There will be workshops to address specific areas such as Confidence training and Time management. There will also be and question answers time. You can bring pen and paper to take notes through out the training. The event starts at 9am and finishes at 5pm each day  



Outline of training


Day 1

This day is about identifying what is stopping you from succeeding in your exams. This is a Diagnostic day. We want to identify the root so that we recommend the right treatment.


Day 2

This day is about developing strategy. This will include setting goals and developing a comprehensive plan to execute your exam goals successfully.


Day 3

This day is about mental engineering. This day is about wiring the mind for exam success.



Date: TBC

Duration: 3 days
Starts 9am - 5pm each day


FEE: £300





Radisson Blu Hotel

68-86 Cromwell Road




The School reserves the right to change venue without notice

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