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Dream Job



There is a desire in your heart to get a good job. You want to be gainfully employed. You want to sell your skill favourably to a potential employer. You are highly skilled and have good qualifications but you feel where you are right now in your career journey is not where you want to be. Or you are probably finding hard to sell yourself in the job market. You get interviews quite alright but find it hard to succeed. You feel stuck and probably frustrated. You do not know what seems to be stopping you from succeeding in getting the job you are qualified to do. This is why we have designed this programme to show you how you can get that job you desperately want and succeed in your job search.



What this seminar will address


This is a 3-day intensive live seminar. In these 3 days, we will look at your


  • Belief system

  • Thought pattern

  • Self Image

  • Self confidence

  • Self identity

  • Self worth

  • Self esteem

  • Leadership skills

  • Self management skills

  • Time management skills

  • Personality type

  • Emotional Intelligence



What you will take home at the end of the programme


  • Know exactly the job that is suitable for your personality 

  • Know how to approach your potential employer

  • Understand the job market

  • Develop confidence

  • Develop  certainty of purpose

  • Have clarity

  • Master interview techniques

  • Develop good self image

  • Improve your self esteem

  • Enhance your employability

  • Gain the secret of presenting your skills effectively on your CV

  • Remove all the barriers stopping you from getting the job you want

How the programme will be delivered


This programme will be delivered in the traditional seminar style. It will be a live event mixed with workshops. There will also be question time. You can bring pen and paper to take notes. This workshops will CV Surgery and confidence training and Job interviews techniques.



Programme outline


Day 1

Identifying what is stopping you from succeeding in your job search.


Day 2

Defining the job you want and choosing and selecting an employer.and industry


Day 3

Visualisation techniques. We will take you through a 7 stage visualisation process that will conceive and manifest the job you want. We will also take you through a very intensive Affirmation process that will create a new way of thinking that will ultimately change your mental blueprint and help you succeed.



Date: TBC

Duration: 3 days 
Each day starts at 9am and finishes at 5pm  



Event fee: £300






Radisson Blu Hotel

68-86 Cromwell Road



SW7 5BT 



The School reserves the right to change venue  at any time without notice

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