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tailor-made one on one coaching

Business Coaching and Training

Welcome to our One to One Business Coaching and Training page. Our programmes are designed to help Entrepreneurs and Business Owners whether they want to launch a new business or already trading gain the tools and knowledge that will help them succeed. In this page you will find 4 exciting one to one coaching programmes and training. Look for the programme that is most suitable to your need and contact us to discuss how we can help you. Each programme is tailor made to address your specific business needs. We focus on SMEs. This will include Start Ups and existing businesses who want to get a highly focused and tailor made One to One coaching and training programme to address a specific business need.




Businesses stay on course because they have life in them to keep living. The staying power of every business is controlled by its ability to innovate and keep abreast with changing economic climate and business world. This will require an effective and visionary leadership and workforce.

New businesses wanting to enter the business world must enter the right way and stake their hold firmly or be swallowed up by the fierce competition. Similarly, existing ones must keep innovating to remain relevant. It is on record that 33% of new business go off the radar in the first 3 years of trading, 50% in the first 5 years and 33% go on trading in 10 years. Therefore, whether you are planning to start a business or you are already an existing business you need knowledge and operational system that that will stay you on course and growing. Our business coaching and training is designed to help your business succeed and keep growing. 


Our Signature programmes


Browse through these exciting One to One coaching programmes and training and choose from the list, the programme that addresses your need.

Business Start up and
Formation Tool Kit

It is time you unleash that business in you and implement your business ideas

Business Presentation_edited.jpg

Business Intervention

It is time to revive your business again and reposition it to achieve your original vision and prosper  

Film Production_edited.png

Productivity & High 
Performance Programme 

Inject a new energy into your work force to achieve a better performance that will improve your overall business vision and goals 

Graduate Job Success

You can succeed with your degree by understanding how to market yourself competitively to get your

dream job

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