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Canary Wharf London

Nothing is impossible if you can believe.

You can build a business of any size

Business Revolution



The Business Revolution Programme is designed to re-define how business works in the real world, its approach breaks direction from theoretical approach of business curriculum. It incorporates concepts that are alien to traditional methods  which could be considered the missing in building and running a successful and prosperous business anywhere in the world under any economic climate. It is designed and structured carefully to help anyone who has a idea of any size to believe that it can be achieved no matter where they are now. It is designed to bring out the business in you and help you implement your idea into duccess.


In this course, you will learn the following modules:



Every trade has a world. Business is a world comprising of many trades. In these trades you find all kinds of people trading on different goods and services. As an Entrepreneur, you are automatically a member of this world. So, it is important to understand this business world, the players and the modus operandi and know how to navigate smoothly without being swallowed or eclipsed by the giants. 


In this module you will learn about the forces, visible and invisible that control and influence outcomes and results in the business world and position your business strongly for competition, growth and success.




Where there is no vision the people perish’

Vision is the mental picture of where you want to go from where you are. You must know where you want to go before you start a journey. You must have definite end in mind before you start any journey. You must have a destination. You must have a clear mental picture of where you want to go so that you don’t go astray.  


In this module, you will learn how to create a vision for your business and write it down on a drawing board. This vision becomes like a rudder that controls the hue mongos ship in a big sea.




Every business was first an idea in the mind. From there it moved into manifestation and became a reality. This is so true whether the idea is a good or service. Many times, due to so many reasons most people never go beyond nursing the business as an idea in the mind. Most ideas that would have become a multi million business venture died in the mind without finding expression in the outer world. In this module, you will learn how to formulate an idea into a business no matter how intimidating the idea may appear to the senses.




Whatever your business is, you are either providing goods or services. This is called product. From the on set you must be very clear what you are offering to the market. You must very clear what your product is. It’s Unique Selling Point and your competitors that offer similar product. You must develop your product to meet specific need. You must create a brand. 


In this module you will learn how to develop your product and create a brand,




No matter what your product is, you need a market to sell it. This holds true whether you are selling a service or goods. You need customers to survive in any business. Without customers to buy your product the business will vanish. Therefore, it is very important to know and understand the market you want to sell to. You must know the trends and attitude in that market. How to penetrate it. How to be noticed from the crowd of the selling army. You must know how to market your business to reach your target potential customers. You must know your market audience and how to communicate in the most effective way to them to make sales. 


In this module you will learn just about that.




How you relate to your customers whether business customers or individual will have a very serious impact on your business positive or negative. Your customer service decides whether you can retain existing customers or repel potential customers. Recommendation or testimonials help in building a very strong brand. It can make or unmake your business. 


In this module, you will learn the dynamics of business relationship to retain existing customers and keep them coming back and also sending referrals and giving good recommendations to your business and attracting new customers. Remember, no business can thrive without customers.




Without a leader the vision will die no matter how good it is. Poor leadership is responsible for many business failures or low productivity and profitability.

No man is an Island. You need people to run a successful business. You cannot do everything all by yourself no matter how gifted and intelligent you are. You need people with different gifts and talents to help you. You need a team. And you must know how to lead your team to bring out the best in them and not the worst. Weak leadership can create confusion and inertia even with the best talents. 


In this module. You will learn how to lead with result.




Vision needs a structure to actualise it. Vision without structure can likened to a building without a foundation. And no building can stand without a foundation. Vision without structure is like a picture without a frame to hold and preserve it. 

Structure is like the skeletal bones of the human body that holds the flesh and the organs and cells together in perfect harmony. Here, you will learn how to develop and build structures and systems that will hold your business together and cause it to function perfectly well to execute and achieve your vision.




Everything begins and ends in the MIND. The mind is the creative workshop from where we create our world . Anything that the mind has not first created and believed in, the mind cannot achieve it. All achievements, first proceed from the mind and find expression in the outer world. Whatever the mind can conceive and believe in, the mind can achieve. 


In this module you will learn the laws of the mind and how to project your vision into your subconscious mind before you launch out. Skipping this simple process is one of major reasons why many businesses fail. 



Your Self Image controls your life. It is like a Thermometer that automatically regulates the house temperature. Whether you know it or not your self image is subconsciously influencing your decisions and experiences. Your Self image affects the prizing of your products. It also affects the kind of customers you attract and their buying capacity. It also determine the kind of workforce you assemble and their behaviour. A negative Self image can badly affect your business performance and team dynamics. 


In this module you will learn how to develop a positive Self image to achieve and execute your overall business objectives.




Finance is the life wire that controls business. As someone has said, ‘Money answers all things’. Take it or leave it money rules the world. You need money to live life whether you like or not. You need money to start your business, hire an office that is if you need one, to run your marketing campaigns, pay your workers if you have one and even pay your bills etc etc. One of the greatest challenges facing anyone who wants to start a business or implement an idea into a business is where to get finance. Many times the options are quite few and because of lack of finance many good ideas die without finding expression. 


In this module, you will learn all the available options on how and where to get money to kick off your idea and start your business.




unknown to some of us, imagination is the Master key to achieving anything. But you must understand this magnificent science and how to make it work wonders for you. Everything resides in imagination. But you have to know how to harness this unlimited power waiting to assist you. There is an endless reservoir of possibilities residing in the faculty of imagination which anyone can tap into and do the impossible. 


In this module, you will learn how to unlock the  unlimited power of imagination and how to use it to implement your ideas and build a very successful business.




There are established laws fixed that control success. These laws are superior to man made laws. These laws have universal jurisdiction. They are not restricted to geographical locations. They will work in the UK as they will work in the USA, India, Africa and any other country for that matter. They work with mathematical precision and cannot fail. These laws are stronger than men. For example, the Law of Gravity works in any part of the world you live in. It works everywhere in the world. 


In this module, you will learn 7 important laws of success that will catapult your business into unprecedented success.




In this module, you will learn the concept of Entrepreneurship and theories. You will learn the role Entrepreneurs play in the economy with case studies.  You will learn the skills Entrepreneurs will need to create ideas and develop their ideas into a product.


At the end of this module, you will be able to unleash the business in you and translate your idea into a business.




In this module, you will learn the broad spectrum of investment market and how to invest. The different investment opportunities: The Share and Equity market, Bond market, Commodity market and other financial instruments and markets and how to take calculated risk in investment to increase your wealth.


At the end of this module, you will understand the investment market and financial instruments and know how to invest and multiply and grow your wealth.




What you will take home at the of this programme


  • Good understanding of the business world

  • Good understanding of how to launch a successful business

  • Good understanding of your product 

  • Good understanding of your niche market 

  • Good understanding of marketing and how to market your product

  • Develop leadership skills to lead your team

  • Develop strategic and robust thinking to make decisions

  • Develop effective time management skill

  • Develop the mind set and capacity to run a successful business

  • Develop a positive belief system to succeed in the 21st century fast paced business world

  • Good understanding of financial management

  • Understand where to get finance to start and launch your business

  • Develop certainty of purpose

  • Develop clarity of your vision and product

  • Develop confidence and power to execute your goals

  • Develop powerful habits to take charge of your business

  • Good understanding of the laws of prosperity and how to apply them to your business

  • Step out in faith and do the impossible



Who is for?


  • Start-ups-New business you want to launch

  • Existing business that wants to increase growth and profitability

  • Anyone who has an idea and wants to translate it into a business 

  • Anyone who wants to understand how business works in real world

  • Any business that is struggling and wants to improve its performance

  • Anyone who wants to start a business but not clear what line of business to go into



Delivery methodology

The programme will be delivered in-person, face to face in a traditional class room style. Lectures will hold once every week on Fridays from 7pm to 10pm.

Lectures will be mixed with workshops and seminars.



Duration: 16 weeks



Start date: 1 September 2023



Course fee: £7000







University of Westminster

309 Regent Street




The School reserves the right to change programme venue without notice.

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