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Business Intervention Programe

This programme is for existing businesses. Existing businesses that want to address specific issues that are important to the business such as growth, increase in profitability, high performance and productivity. The business may be in declining state or struggling with cash flow or low performance and productivity of workforce and want a dramatic change and early intervention before it vanishes from the radar. The coaching and training will cover:


  • Diagnosis

  • Investigation

  • Intelligence Gathering

  • Strategic planning

  • Recommendations

  • Action Plan



At the end of training, you will be able to identify what is causing the issue you want to address and gain the knowledge and tools to correct it and start prospering again as you would want to.


Coaching fee 


The minimum coaching fee is £20,000



We discuss venue with our clients and agree on what is most suitable. It can be in our premises or client’s preferred premises subject to agreement by both parties.


Delivery methodology

We discuss and agree with our clients the most effective way to deliver the programme. This will include time, weekday, number of hours per session, duration of the programme, face to face or virtual meeting.


Initial contact

To discuss your coaching need and how we can help you, please fill out the form below and submit. We will get back in touch with you within 24 hours.

Contact Form

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