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Business Startup & Formation Tool Kit

This programme is for anyone who has an idea he or she wants to translate into business. It is for anyone wishing to start or launch a business from scratch. This product will take you step by step and walk you through the process and get the business up and running. The coaching covers:


  • Vision development and management

  • Developing a Business Plan

  • Developing a Structure and Systems

  • Building a team/Workforce

  • Marketing Techniques

  • Product development

  • Financial opportunities

  • Writing a Business Vision

  • Mental Engineering Programme

  • Leadership development

  • The Laws of Business success

  • Personal development



At the end of this coaching and training, you will be able to translate your idea into business with certainty of purpose and clarity. You will gain the knowledge and tools that will help you launch properly and avoid the early dangerous mistakes most Entrepreneurs make that stop their advancement in the business world and achieve your dream and succeed.


Coaching fee


The minimum coaching fee is £20,000



We discuss venue of coaching and training with our clients and agree on what is most suitable. It can be in our premises or client’s preferred premises subject to agreement.


Delivery methodology

We discuss and agree with our clients the most effective way to deliver the programme. This will include time, weekday and number of hours per coaching session, duration of the programme, face to face or virtual meeting.


Initial contact

To discuss your coaching need and how we can help you, please fill out the form below. and submit. We will get back in touch with you within 24 hours.

Contact Form

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