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Gaining financial literacy and understanding how money works is Key to financial freedom



This programme is only available to graduates of First Steps to Financial Freedom. After you have you reprogrammed and reconditioned your mind for financial success, it is now time to create wealth and financial fortune you can be proud of. This is what this 5 days intensive training is designed to do for you. In these 5 days, we will teach you how to build wealth from scratch and enter into financial power where you can control your own financial destiny and build a generational wealth that you can bequest unto your children,. As the good old book has said:


A good man shall leave an inheritance for his children’s children.




Finance is the life wire of human existence. We all need money to live a life. As the richest man who once lived  had said, “Money answers all things”. You need money to meet the basic needs of life, food, clothes and shelter. We all work to earn money whether employed or run our own business. At a closer look, we can unequivocally say that money rules the world,. This is because nearly all human activity is money related either at interpersonal level or national and even international level. Consequently, it becomes very important to understand finance and money, how to achieve financial freedom and how money works. This course is designed to do that. It will teach you the laws of finance and money, how to make it and multiply it. It will show you how to escape the debt trap and make money your servant instead of being its slave.



What you will learn

This 5 days intensive training will address a wide range of issues relating to finance and money and how to achieve financial freedom. To many., financial freedom means different things. However, whatever your own definition, one thing is certain financial freedom means having enough money to meet your needs. It means living above lack or want. This will include, living in the kind of house you want, eating the kind of food you want, having the kind of Wardrobe you want, driving the kind of Car you want and taking holidays to the places you want and also helping the poor and not a slave of Credit Card outfits and other lenders, freedom from debts.  Anything short of this is still in the zone of lack and financial bondage.


We will try and answer the questions:

Why are many people poor when there is plenty for everyone

Why are so many people in debts and slaves to Credit Card Outfits and other kind of lenders

Why some people have bad money habits

Why some people cannot manage money well

Why some people are always broke no matter how much they make

Why most Lottery winners end up broke

Why some people struggle to make money whilst others make it easily 



We will explore concepts as:

Financial Literacy

Wealth creation

Financial and Money Blueprint

The source of money

The Nature and character of money

The 5 Jars of money I.e Money Management

The Debt trap

The spirit of poverty and waste

Investment I.e How to multiply money and make it work for you

Financial Laws

Financial Destiny



What are the benefits?

Mastery of financial systems

Understanding the debt trap and how to avoid it

Understanding the source of money

Understanding why many are poor and how to get out of poverty

Understanding how to create wealth

Understanding how to multiply and increase wealth

Develop a good financial mind set and attitude

Understanding money as a s pitot and not a note or coin

Master financial laws and know how to apply them

Master investment opportunities and invest wisely

Understand how the spirit of poverty operates

Master budgeting 

Develop a financial vision and goals

Take charge of your financial destiny



Who is it for?

The programme is for anyone who wants to get out of financial struggles. 

It is for anyone who wants to understand how to build wealth and multiply their money. 

It is for anyone who is in debts and wants to know how to get out of the debt trap. It is for anyone who wants to understand the nature of money and how it operates at different levels of the economy. 

It is for anyone who is stuck financially and wants to unstuck

It is for anyone who wants to understand the invisible forces that control money and how to position yourself for financial exploit.

It is for anyone who cannot cross a certain income threshold no matter how hard they try

It is for anyone who wants to achieve financial freedom


Outline of training 


Day 1

Day 1 addresses financial literacy. We will deal with everything that has to do with money and finance. We will look at all the financial systems and how they operate and where you fit in. We will see why not being financially literate can hurt you or even business and well being . As long as you live in this world you cannot escape the money matter because you need some money to live in this world.


Day 2

Day 2, we will look at how to create wealth. We will show you how to start creating wealth from where you are. We will show how to start the journey and continue steadfast until you reach your destination. We will look at how to set financial goals and create a budget system that works.


Day 3

Day 3, we will begin to talk about the nature and character of money. We will show you how to attract money and you can repel money and cause it to take wings and fly away like an Eagle. We will learn why some people struggle financially whilst others walk and live in financial freedom.


Day 4

Day 4, we will teach how to manage money efficiently. We will show how to allocate your money to different purposes to maintain increase and abundance. It is not so much about how you make or take home but how you manage it. Here, we will show how to develop financial discipline and muscle to be prudent and avoid the debt trap and financial indiscipline.


Day 5

Day 5, we will begin to explore financial laws that control financial success and how to apply these laws to your finances and keep multiplying your finances. When you do not know these laws and how to apply them, it will definitely affect your finances negatively.



There will be a series of Workshops throughout the training. In these Workshops, we will carry out specific exercises:



In this exercise, we will take you through a process where you convince yourself  that you have million pounds of your personal money. You tell us what you will do with your first one million pounds.



In this exercise we will work you through a process to generate a million pounds idea and show you can translate this idea to financial success.



In this exercise, we will take you a through a process to develop a Millionaire mindset. We will condition your mind to think, feel, talk and act like a Millionaire. This is because you have to first become a Millionaire inside before you become it outside.



In this exercise, we will work with you to develop very powerful Visualisation techniques to create financial success and capture your financial destiny.



In this exercise we will work you through a process to formulate strongly worded affirmations to achieve your financial dream.



Delivery methodology

This event will be delivered in a traditional seminar style mixed with question time where you can ask questions. Each day, the training starts at 9am and finishes at 5pm from Monday to Friday.

Start date: 22 - 26 JULY 2024


Duration: 5 Days


Course fee: £3000


Radisson Blue Hotel

68 - 86 Cromwell Road

South Kensington





The School reserves the right to change venue without notice.

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