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"I Strongly Believe that anyone

can succeed including YOU"

- David Ekeleme

About US

Greetings and welcome to our website. My name is David. I am the founder and CEO of Wealth and Success Business School. I originally trained as a Corporate Finance Lawyer. I hold a Masters degree in Law (LLM) from University College London and a Law degree (LLB) from London Guildhall University and a Diploma in Law from Lagos State University. I attended the College of Law of England and Wales. I subsequently found my calling:


To teach, empower and bring out the best in people.


I will call myself a Success Coach. An expert in human potential. I love my work and very passionate about what I do. I give my whole self to my work. In the last 18 years I have been doing what I love:  


To help men and women discover their purpose and give them the tools to fulfil it


In the process, I am confident to say that I have helped quite a handful of people and humbly enough to admit that I have also been a student myself and have learnt a lot from my students. Recently I was told by one of my Protégés that She was one of the reasons I left my profession to answer my calling. Why? Because she was being inducted into the Register of her Profession as a GP, General Practitioner, after going through certain challenges which I helped her pull through. That was quite humbling to say the least when I hear testimonies like this. The list can go and on. But I am always thankful to God Almighty who has called me into my purpose and gave me this gift:  


To identify purpose and translate it into success


One of my students, a professional Social Care Consultant told me:

I have been everywhere. I have attended all business seminars you can think of but yet could not find the Master Key until I came to your Business School


Another of my student said,

"frankly I did not know that I had all these inventions stored up in me until I met you, David. Before I came to your Business School, I only had two inventions, just two without even having the Know-how to translate them into reality. But now I have more than 44 inventions I am working on"


These Success stories encourage me always. They make me happy. Happy that I am impacting someone’s life and helping others to achieve and live their dreams.


Our vision at Wealth and Success Business School is:


To provide a practical knowledge-based environment where everyone can learn how to start and grow their business and translate their dream and idea into success.


Our Mission is:


To help every individual bring out the business in them and make it a living organism.


We take a lot of pride in our work. That is why our approach to teaching and delivery is highly structured to achieve our purpose. Our environment for teaching and learning is informed by our desire to see each student succeed and get value for their time and resources. Our programmes are designed to give our students the best training they can ever get.


I naturally love to teach and coach. It is my passion. Right from university days I have always run a private tuition programme for my fellow students. In fact, that is how I came to UK. One of my Tutees, a business man suggested to me to go abroad to further my studies. He even sponsored my trip from his private pocket


I am very passionate about your success. I love to see people succeed, That is why I started this school. I know how to bring out the best in people. I love it.


As you take your time to scroll and navigate the pages of our website and browse through our programmes, I trust you find something that resonates with you. And when you have found it, do not hesitate to take action immediately and click the button and enrol to a programme. You will be glad you did. Delay prolongs the status quo.


Faith without works is dead.


Let’s meet at the first lesson and start the journey to your next level together.


See you there.

In your service


David Ekeleme


Wealth and Success Business School


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